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ecartis Overview

ecartis is a very powerful application for distributing a single e-mail message to a list of recipients, a Mailing List Manager. This document is intended for customers who have recently configured ecartis service through a BizServer.Net Reseller and would like to get started quickly. Additional information may be obtained through the links in the Additional Resources section.

Getting Started

Upon signing up for ecartis service, you should have recieved the following information:

  • List Name [LIST_NAME]
  • List Server [LIST_SERVER]
  • Web Interface URL [WEB_URL]
  • List Password [PASSWORD]

Once you have this information, you will be able to use ecartis.

Subscribing/Un-Subscribing From the List

There are various ways to subscribe and un-subscribe to the mailing list. In most cases the administrator can add/remove users from the mailing list via the Web Interface by entering the Web Interface URL provided into any web browser. Users may also be added/removed from the list via e-mail messages sent to the mailing list (please refer to the User's Manual for more information).

Sending Messages

In order to send an e-mail message all users subscribed to your mailing list, simply send an e-mail message to [LIST_NAME]@[LIST_SERVER] For example: mylist@lists.mydomain.com

In most cases, your list will be password protected, which means that you must supply a password in order to have the message distributed. Do this by making the first line of the message to your list:

password: [PASSWORD]

(The server will strip this line out of the message before sending it to your users)

Additional Resources


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