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BizServer.Net is the brand name given to the technology infrastructure developed to support companies who offer web hosting services. BizServer.Net does not market or sell any web hosting services to end users, but provides a platform upon which many web hosting companies have built and currently operate their business.

End Users (Web Site Owners)

If you are an end user, meaning you have a web site and have seen the BizServer.Net name used in relation to your web site, then the web hosting company that you have selected is using the BizServer.Net platform to provide their web hosting services. Consider yourself fortunate that your web host cares enough about its customers to provide web hosting services built upon proven technology and supported by a world-class company.

Web Hosts

If your company is currently providing (or would some day like to provide) web hosting services, but realizes that the costs and technical expertise required to provide efficient, reliable services to your customers is constraining you, contact a representative to find out how BizServer.Net can help you build a profitable web hosting business.

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For Immediate Release:

Indianapolis, Indiana, August 1, 2012 - Sozo Technologies LLC, a web hosting and Managed Information Technologies provider, announced today that it has completed the acquisition of BizServer, the web hosting subsidiary of Incipio, Inc. of Akron, Ohio.

Eric Merkel, President of Sozo Technologies, commented “We are very excited at Sozo about the acquisition of BizServer, but even more excited about the new found partnership with Incipio that will continue into the future. Both companies have core competencies that complement one another. Incipio’s strength is its web design and development while Sozo Technologies’ is providing carrier class Internet and web hosting infrastructure. By teaming up Sozo and Incipio will be able to better focus on providing their customers world class technology solutions.”

About Incipio Web Services - IWS was founded in 1999 with a vision of helping small to medium sized companies establish a presence on the Internet through web sites. IWS narrowly focuses on providing services that a business needs to build and maintain a web site.

About Sozo Technologies - Sozo Technologies was recently founded in 2012 bringing together veterans of the Internet, Web Hosting and Information Technologies service provider fields to build a new kind of company where the focus is on providing custom solutions that meet customers’ business requirements and not just the technology itself. Sozo Technologies wants to be the ‘go-to’ partner where customers can tap into various technology disciplines and experiences to make their business more successful.

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